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Pierre Fricke On Collecting Confederate Paper Money 
2nd-Sep-2013 02:29 am

Pierre Fricke
On Collecting Confederate Paper Money

Pierre Fricke
Collecting Confederate Paper Money

Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor –
FUN Convention TV was excited to speak with Mr. Pierre Fricke about collecting Confederate Coins and Currency. Mr. Fricke provides an educational overview on Confederate Currency that would certainly be of interest to novice collectors. As an author of many Confederate Currency publications Pierre instructs us on how to get started in this specialty field of numismatics while providing some historical facts as well.

Mr. Fricke offers the following advice on Getting Started
1 Buy Books

2. Learn the 70 regular issue types.

3. Meet and correspond with dealers and collectors. Attend shows.

4. Learn to grade. See Collecting Confederate Paper Money books for the best advice on this. Also talk with dealers and collectors.

5. Decide what to collect

6. Start slowly. Buy a number of common 1863 or 1864 notes and become familiar with the look, feel, grading of genuine notes. Also consider buying some inexpensive 1861 notes such as T-18, T-20 and T-36. These notes are inexpensive and are the right place to make your "mistakes" and pay your "tuition"

7. Have Fun!
Pierre Fricke Source SPMC Blog

You can connect with Mr. Pierre Fricke on the following social networks, websites and forums:

Twitter @pfricke
Pierre's blog on Society Of Paper Money Collectors
Confederate paper money discussion group on Yahoo

View interesting Confederate Notes by clicking the links below:
Complete T-33 Collection
Wookey Hole Mill Watermark Collection

Collecting Confederate Paper Money Field
Edition 2014

 photo 2014collectingconfederatemoney.jpg_ photo 2014collectingconderatebackcover.jpg
Click To Enlarge & Read The Cover(s)

Announcing new edition of Collecting Confederate Paper Money Field Edition 2014 by Pierre Fricke!

The new edition of Collecting Confederate Paper Money will be available in early 2014, possibly at the FUN show in Orlando in January. This is a major update. See New Cover at right. Click on Front and Back cover icons for larger image.

About the Author

Pierre Fricke is an expert on Confederate currency and an award-winning author of several books on the subject. He also operates a highly respected rare coin and paper money collecting business (visit www.csaquotes.com). He has been collecting coins since 1969 and currency since 2000. The author lives in the Boston, MA area.

Confederate Currency

 photo ConfederateCurrency.jpg
Click To Enlarge

Available Now on Amazon: Confederate Currency

Amazon's Description With the outbreak of the U. S. Civil War in 1861, the Confederate States of America began issuing its own paper money. Over the years, seven different series of currency were issued. Counterfeiting became a significant problem for the South, as did depreciation and inflation. By the end of the war, the notes were worthless, but within the decade their collectable value was on the rise. Today, some notes can easily garner thousands of dollars. Uniquely designed and hand-signed, the paper money of the South tells the story of the new nation.

Confederate currency expert Pierre Fricke illustrates the history of the South's money in Confederate Currency. Neither a price guide nor a catalog per se, Confederate Currency explains the origins of the various notes issued by the South, putting the money into historical context.

Collecting Confederate Paper Money
Field Edition 2008

 photo CollectingConfederatePaperMoney.jpg
Click To Enlarge

Available Now on Amazon: Collecting Confederate Paper Money Field Edition 2008 (Recently Updated Release 2014)

Amazon's Description Award winning author Pierre Fricke released the new portable Confederate States paper money guide that people have asked for! This is a full color, 454 page, approximately 2.5 pound guide that is easy to use and carry around.

This book includes history, grading, rarity and values for all 70 types, all significant known varieties, all major contemporary counterfeit types, and CSA bonds!

There are several innovations present in this book, not found in any other paper money book. The regular issue and contemporary counterfeits are presented side-by-side, helping people tell the difference. There is a summary of both the type and variety condition census contained within, but in a format similar to what Dr. Sheldon used in his 1949 Early American Cents portable book to save space. We'll update the detailed condition census and provenance in a future 2nd volume. A price guide for CSA bonds is included as there is no current plans for an update to Dr Ball's book, but new pricing information is needed. There is new information regarding the evolution of the hobby which has been quite dramatic this decade - moreso than in any time in the past with the possible exceptions of the 1880s and 1950s. Some of this includes more about how to navigate the different styles of grading - including a table mapping equivalent grades across collector-oriented, market-oriented, CC&A, PCGS and other grading services.

This is a must have book for anyone with more than a couple of hundred dollars worth of Confederate paper money and bonds!

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