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Because it just makes cents.
F.U.N. Convention TV: Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor - Bill Sanders  
5th-Jan-2013 06:18 pm

F.U.N. Convention TV Presents
Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor
Featuring Bill Sanders of Bill's Coins

F.U.N. Convention TV Presents
Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor
Featuring Bill Sanders of Bill's Coins

F.U.N. Convention Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor - Bill Sanders

In this episode of FUN Convention TV's Coin Tales from the Bourse Floor we met up with Mr. Bill Sanders of Bill's Coins. Bill is quite the busy man. Obviously, the owner of Bill's Coins, he is also involved in several South Florida Coin Clubs. Bill serves on the board of the Gold Coast Coin Club as well as the Fort Lauderdale Coin Club. He is Club Show Chairman for the Gold Coast Coin & Collectible Show Did we say he was busy? Bill has a deep love for the hobby & often shares his numismatic knowledge as an educational speaker. He enjoys collecting Key Coins and showed us his newest acquisition during the interview.

Bill Sanders of Bill’s Coins


Bill started collecting when he was 11 years old and has been collecting for 54 years. His collecting started because of his father’s Air Force career at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod. His earliest collecting memory is of a chain cent for $300. He finally bought it for $9200.00. He was waiting to find one at bid, but eventually bit the bullet and bought it for over bid.

Bill went to school all over the U.S. until he was 12 years of age when his father retired. He finished school in Cross City, and then went to Lake City Jr. College ending his schooling in Gainesville with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Bill has worked all over in this field. He worked in New York City for a year. During this time, he married his wife who he had met and dated at the University of Florida. He then took a job in Miami in 1973. After working in small companies, he started a small tool and die company, specializing in precision aircraft components.

Tool and Die Work led to his interest in Ike Dollars and he became involved with The Ike Group due to the fact that it takes the most force to strike this coin than any other U.S. coin. There are two different planchets to strike in three different metals. These large coins allowed him to apply his knowledge of manufacturing to understanding how errors and varieties were created.

Fifteen years ago, due to health issues, he retired and started dealing in coins. He chose this career path because that is what fed his habit of coin collecting. It enabled him to buy and sell the coins he was interested in. His primary interest is early type, colonial coins, early paper money and key coins. He loves being a dealer because it involves history and he comes into contact with people who have similar interests.

Bill enjoys working with clubs as an Officer (Treasurer of Gold Coast Coin Club & Vice President of Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club). He also does their websites and is Club Show Chairman for Gold Coast Coin & Collectible Show @ Mardi Gras Casino, Hallandale, Fl. He is the Educational Director and makes certain that there is a program at every meeting. Bill is also an educational speaker and often speaks with groups about his love of coins.

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